What does the arrow on the valve mean

The direction of the arrow marked on the valve body indicates the pressure bearing direction of the valve, which is generally used by the engineering installation company as the medium flow direction symbol to cause leakage and even cause pipeline accidents;

   The pressure bearing direction refers to the closed state of the valve after it is applied to the pipeline. The arrow direction of the valve body is the recommended pressure direction. If the device is faulty, the leaking problem of the valve may not be tightly closed. Chaoda’s soft-sealed ball valves are generally two-way sealed, and generally do not have arrows. Metal hard-sealed ball valves can achieve two-way sealing, but it is still better to have a one-way sealing function, so there will also be markings. The arrow is drawn, which is to guide and recommend the pressure direction of the valve, and you can first consult the customer’s opinion.

Hard-sealed butterfly valves with marked arrows are in different positions of the pipeline, and the direction of the arrow is different from the flow direction of the medium. For example, at the outlet end of the pump in the pump room, the arrow on the valve body is opposite to the flow direction of the medium, such as At the water inlet end of the pump, the arrow and the flow direction of the medium are the same. If installed on the main pipe, the arrow generally conforms to the flow direction of the medium, etc., depending on the working conditions and the orientation of the device.

Post time: Nov-05-2021