Tyco Valve Electric Plastic Butterfly Valve Types and Applications

Tyco Valve Electric Plastic Butterfly Valve is one of the most widely used valve types for pipelines containing corrosive media. It has a high degree 
of corrosion resistance, is small in weight, not easy to wear, and is easy to disassemble. 
It can be used for liquids, gases, and oils. And other media, and its material is safe and non-toxic, and can also be used in fields such as general water purification, 
drinking water, sewage, salt water, and sea water. It is a necessary use in many enterprise pipelines.
Electric plastic butterfly valves cannot be placed in pipelines with high temperature and pressure. 
According to different materials, the general temperature resistance is -14°C to 100°C, -40°C to 120°C, and the pressure is within the range of 1.2Mpa. 
Common valve body materials include PPR, PVDF, PPH, CPVC, UPVC, etc. 
The connection method is usually the center line of the clip, all parts are assembled by injection molding, and the sealing ring is F4, which has high strength and 
corrosion resistance.
The electric plastic butterfly valve is especially suitable for liquids and gases with a relatively hygienic medium, and the medium cannot contain granular impurities, 
otherwise it will cause the object to damage the seal, and then cause leakage. 
Butterfly valve types that are also used for corrosive and high-strength media, such as electric fluorine-lined butterfly valves, are also one of the valves 
that can perform well in poor environments. If the pressure or temperature is high, you can choose an electric hard-sealed butterfly valve; 
if the pipeline or the environment contains flammable and explosive substances, you need to use an explosion-proof electric butterfly valve.

Post time: Mar-10-2023