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    Product Overview Forged steel flange type high pressure ball valve closing parts of the ball around the center line of the valve body for rotation to open and close a valve, the seal is embedded in the stainless steel valve seat, the metal valve seat is provided with a spring, when the sealing surface wear or burn, under the action of the spring to push the valve seat and the ball to form a metal seal.Exhibit unique automatic pressure release function, when the valve lumen medium pressure mor...

  • Ansi, Jis Globe Valve

    Ansi, Jis Globe Valve

    Product Description J41H flanged globe valves are designed and manufactured to API and ASME standards.Globe valve, also known as cut-off valve, belongs to the forced sealing valve, so when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the disc to force the sealing surface not to leak.When the medium from the lower part of the disc into the valve, the operation force needed to overcome the resistance is the friction force of the stem and packing and the thrust generated by the pressure of t...

  • Ansi, Jis Gate Valve

    Ansi, Jis Gate Valve

    Product Features Product design and manufacturing in line with foreign requirements, reliable sealing, excellent performance. ② The structure design is compact and reasonable, and the shape is beautiful. ③ Wedge-type flexible gate structure, large diameter set rolling bearings, easy opening and closing. (4) The valve body material variety is complete, the packing, gasket according to the actual working conditions or user requirements reasonable selection, can be applied to various pressure, t...

  • Forged Steel Gate Valve

    Forged Steel Gate Valve

    Product Description Internal thread and socket welded forged steel gate valve fluid resistance is small, open and close the torque required is small, can be used in the medium to flow in two directions of the ring network pipeline, that is, the flow of media is not restricted.When fully open, the erosion of the sealing surface by the working medium is smaller than that of the globe valve.The structure is simple, the manufacturing process is good, and the length of the structure is short. Prod...

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TYCO VALVE CO., LTD is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture brand enterprise. It is an international enterprise integrating R&D, design, development and manufacturing. It has many
At the production base, the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology and management system.

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  • The difference between Tyco valve rising stem gate valve and non rising stem gate valve

    Tyco valve gate valves can be divided into: 1. Rising stem gate valve: The valve stem nut is placed on the valve cover or bracket. When opening and closing the gate plate, the valve stem nut is rotated to achieve the lifting and lowering of the valve stem. This structure is beneficial to the lubr...

  • Introduction to the working principle of Tyco valve stainless steel ball valve

    What is the working principle of Tyco valve stainless steel ball valve? As we all know, stainless steel ball valves are widely used as a new type of valve. Stainless steel ball valves require only 90 degrees of rotation and a small rotational torque to close tightly. The completely equal valve bo...

  • The main difference between butterfly valve and gate valve!

    Tyco Valve Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture. What is the main difference between the butterfly valve and gate valve produced? The following Tyco Valve editor will tell you in detail. There are eight differences between butterfly valves and gate valves, which are different action methods,...

  • Working Principle and Advantages of Tyco Valve Plug Valve

    Plug valve, a valve that uses a plug body with a through hole as the opening and closing member. The plug body rotates with the valve rod to achieve opening and closing action ,A small plug valve without packing is also known as a “cock”. The plug body of the plug valve is mostly a co...

  • Features of stainless steel gate valve!

    The stainless steel gate valve produced by Tyco Valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, thermal power plant and other oil products. The opening and closing device used to connect or cut off the medium on the water and steam pipeline. So what kind of characteristics does it have? Let...

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